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Stay ahead of your beard game and complement your upscale taste with this blend of aromatic essential oil for the beard. These oils are extracted from the best of their kind. Top notes like spicy cardamom and black pepper segue into a deep woody accord of Oudh, soothing sandalwood, cedarwood and leather, earthy patchouli and green vetiver give it a fresh and unique fragrance. This long-lasting and luxurious combination based on the sensuous aroma of amber, Tonka, and familiar vanilla sums it up as exotic. For those who want to sport an unmistakable, unique smell, this is the right woody fragrance for a fully groomed beard.

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Beard oil can be an essential part of any true man’s cosmetic collection. This all-natural, paraben free solution delivers a top quality blend of ingredients that can help make sure that your beard absolutely shines and stands out.  If you feel like your beard needs and deserves that extra step up in quality and consistency for a specific look, then our Classic beard oil can add that needed quality.

This signature beard oil has been made using natural products as opposed to the silicon that is often used in manufacturing beard oils. It is no sticky and greasy in texture which makes it suitable for use at any time of the day. This classic beard oil blend is formulated with a rich combination of fractionated coconut oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil and argan oil and avocado oil. This blend delivers a fantastic oil texture for soothing, caring for and improving the overall vibrancy of your beard.  These oils are well known for their conditioning properties and provide nourishment to the beard oil making it appear smooth and shiny with luster.  Jojoba oil can actually be used to treat and prevent acne breakouts. Therefore, for those of you who are victims of breakouts, there is no need for you to be skeptical. Sesame oil, jojoba oil and argan oil assists in moisturizing the beard and skin which prevents the skin from dryness and repairs the skin from sun damage

After applying the Timeless Beard Oil, feel free to style it with the Timeless Beard Balm.  Filled with All natural butters and oils.  Your beard will love you for it.


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